What Readers Are Saying

  • “It was beautifully crafted into a masterpiece. Each and every one of the poems. I like the tone or the voice that has been implied in the poetries. I like how you play those words. The illustrations are good! I like them. And the words that you have been using. It was so painful and emotional. Personal and transparent. I could see you on those poems but I could not see the YOU. There’s a fine line of what you want to give. And every last line, it keeps me wanting more of it. I just keep on reading.”

    Rafael Ray (The Royal Polar Bear Reads)
  • “In all fairness, it was very good. You can feel the emotions and work that was put into it. It was also very well written and not just your common rhymes and short phrases. Each line has depth and meaning and for a debut it really deserves a round of applause.”

    Elena ( The Queen Reads )
  • “Death, loss, misery, heartache, they’re all part of life and I’m awed how someone as young as the author is could write and express such poignant truths. I was sad, and a tugging at my heartstrings is so constant from start to finish of reading this book. I hated to think that the author may have had to go through most of the things told. This is not for the faint-hearted. It could leave you all messed up–emotionally. . . .”

    Diana Diaz
  • Dystopia and Derelict Dreams is a beautiful poetry collection. I love the words flowed naturally and each poems are genuinely straightforward. You’ll know if a poetry collection is good if majority of the poems stirred your emotions and in this case, it did. It’s relatable, poignant and I crave for more. . . .”

    Beatrice Masaluñga
  • “I also love how the poems become more and more intense as I fly through the pages. They become better, more sophisticated and more complex especially in the second part . . .”

    AJ The Ravenous Reader